CNN Technical Director: ‘Our Focus Was to Get Trump Out of Office’

Project Veritas released a series of undercover video clips through James O’Keefe’s Twitter account of CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester on Tuesday — talking about how the network uses ‘propaganda’ to influence the minds of their viewers.

“Our (CNN) focus was to get Trump out of office,” Chester said in reference to CNN’s coverage of the Trump presidency. “Without saying it, that’s what it was.”

Chester went on to add that “If it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have gotten voted out.”

CNN’s Technical Director also brought up the reality behind the network’s stories that questioned Trump’s health. “We were creating a story (Re: Trump Health) there that we didn’t know anything about, you know… that’ what I think. That’s propaganda.”

CNN has been under fire for quite some time by conservatives, such as President Trump, who have labeled the network as ‘fake news.’ And these recently released videos certainly do not help CNN’s cause, for the tapes did not only show an extreme anti-Trump agenda, but they also showed motive of shifting the public’s perspective of President Biden away from reality.

“I think we got him (Biden) through this term…We would always show shots of him (Biden) jogging… Him in his aviator shades, like you paint him (Biden) as a young geriatric,” Chester said.