Project Veritas Footage Exposes Hypocrisy of the Warnock Campaign

Project Veritas, a group of guerrilla journalists that are known for exposing corruption, released damning footage of conversations between the campaign of United States Senate candidate Raphael Warnock’s Campaign Monday — to include a racist remark as well as aligning themselves with the ‘Defund The Police’ movement.

“We have to touch black voters a minimum of nine times to remind them to go vote. A minimum. That’s why everybody is inundated with text messages and phone calls,” Warnock Campaign Director of Small Business Engagement Sasha Williams said.

Another released recording had Williams talking to a PVA Journalist on calling to defund the police.

“Reverend Warnock is on our side for defunding these suckers in blue, these police? He’s on our side on that,” the PVA Journalist questioned. Williams responded “Absolutely! Absolutely!”

Exposed footage also shows another member of the Warnock campaign siding with a similar philosophy.

“But in reality, Warnock’s whole platform with police reform, is along the lines of the same people who are saying ‘Defund the Police,'” Warnock Campaign Finance Assistant Derrick Bhole said. “[He’s] just not using the same rhetoric y’know?”

And just when most thought that Project Veritas was done exposing corruption for the night, the organization hit the public with a release of a video regarding a Central OAC executive admitting registering thousands of homeless voters at the same address in Fulton County, Georgia. The tape included Kimberly Parker, the executive director of the Central Outreach and Advocacy Center saying things to include “can’t even begin to tell you how many people have that address on their idea.”

Since Project Veritas released the Parker tape, the Central OAC deleted their Twitter account.