Rudy Giuliani: State Legislatures Are In Control of the ‘Fate of the Country’

President Trump’s legal attorney and former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani claimed that state legislatures in the contested battleground states are the ones who are in control of the direction of the 2020 presidential election, according to his podcast titled Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense.

“Where we are right now is we’re at the stage where the state legislatures control really the fate of the country,” Giuliani said. “Because in five of the state legislatures, there is evidence that we have submitted that the election of 2020 in each of those states was compromised, stolen, there was voter fraud of massive proportions in each one of those states… it’s provable by solid evidence.”

Giuliani went into specifics over the Trump team’s legal case. “Over a 1000 affadavits, video tape, and statistical analysis by experts that is not even really disputed,” Giuliani said.

President Trump’s attorney went on to give his opinion on which state legislature he thinks will make the first decision about his evidence.

“…the one that will be the focus of the first decision that has to be made about this…[will be] the state of Georgia,” Giuliani said. He went on to continue: “If this legislature lets that stand, the legislature should be ashamed of themselves (and it’s a Republican legislature). They have a duty of the United States Constitution to fix it — it’s their responsibility. Article II Section I Clause II of the United States Constitution says the electors shall be elected by the state legislatures — by the legislatures of the several states, actually. They are the ultimate body responsible for this.”

Giuliani went on to questioned the allegiance of the Georgia state legislature to the Republican Party, despite having a Republican majority.

“Do they have the courage to do that? There is no doubt there was fraud. Again, the video tape, the 10,315 people who voted who were dead — numerous other things. It’s their responsibility, no matter how unpopular… no matter if it finishes their career in politics, it’s their responsibility to stand up for their constitutional duty honestly and honorably and if they want to live with themselves and if they want to vindicate the honor of the state of Georgia, they will do that.”