Walmart Apologizes To Josh Hawley Following Controversial Tweet That Called The Senator A ‘Sore Loser’

Walmart reached out to Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), following their controversial comment incident, and apologized for the Tweet.

“The Tweet published earlier was mistakenly posted by a member of our social media team,” Walmart said. “We deleted the post and have no intention of commenting on the subject of certifying the electoral college. We apologize to Senator Hawley for this error and any confusion about our position.”

Walmart’s original response was a comment on Hawley’s announcement that he would object to certifying the electoral college results on January 6th. “Go ahead. Get your 2 hour debate #soreloser,” the Tweet read.

Shortly after Walmart (or their social media team member) Tweeted the initial and critical response, Hawley fired back saying “Thanks @Walmart for your insulting condescension. Now that you’ve insulted 75 million Americans, will you at least apologize for using slave labor?”

Pretty soon, the hashtag #BoycottWalmart began trending on Twitter as many individuals were upset at the company’s Twitter statement.

Hawley is known for being very critical of China’s unethical labor practices and was likely referring to Walmart’s dependence of Chinese factories in his jab back, on Twitter.