President Trump Could Get Kicked Off Of Twitter Mid-January And Finally Join The Parler App

President Trump could be banned from Twitter after January 20th, due to the platform’s ‘World Leaders Policy,’ according to Forbes — meaning that he might consider switching over to the Parler app.

“After noon on January 20, Trump will no longer fall under Twitter’s policy for world leaders,” a Twitter spokesperson said to Forbes.

Many believe that between the constant “fact check violations” by President Trump’s account could ultimately lead to the banning of the 45th President if his account becomes a regular influencer account, in the scenario he does not hold his office for a second term.

Even though Twitter might be thinking that they are doing a good thing, this move could severely damage its user base and could skyrocket the success of their opponent, Parler.

Many of President Trump’s allies have already moved over to the “free speech platform,” and have seen spikes in growth that have been positively correlated to the censorship actions taken by Twitter, whom many now consider a “publisher network,” instead of a social network.

Within a week of the presidential election being called by the mainstream media for former Vice President Joe Biden, Parler CEO John Matze claimed the app had gained 4.5 million users since the projection, per the Washington Times.

Keep in mind, President Trump has 88.5 million followers on his Twitter account alone. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Parler app currently sits at 10 million users. Twitter, overwhelmingly, has over 340 million users. In the hypothetical situation that Twitter kicked off Donald Trump and he moved to Parler — assuming that he brought his 88.5 million followers with him and away from Twitter — the Parler app would almost reach 100 million users and Twitter would shrink down to roughly 251.5 million users.

However, in this extreme hypothetical situation, the then-President Joe Biden would likely try and place restrictions on free speech apps like Parler.

Currently, the Parler app is saving the “@realdonaldtrump” username so that no one can take it before a potential scenario breaks out that would kick the President off of the Twitter platform.