Fact Check: Can Alternate Electors Change The Outcome Of The 2020 Presidential Race?

CLAIM: “Biden won the election. Biden won more votes than Trump in 25 states and the District of Columbia, amassing a total of 306 electors. Those results have been certified, and the governor in each state signed off on a group of electors pledged to vote for the winner. That’s who voted Monday. The Republican “electors” were not designated by any state official and have no legal status yet.” –Associated Press.

VERDICT: Misleading, due to lack of context. Where Joe Biden did receive well-over the 270-mark of Electoral College votes (with 306) as they were certified Monday, this claim makes it seem like the dueling electors of five swing states (Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nevada) will not have a role in the 2020 election — because the AP’s claim did not provide good background context. Basic American presidential history can help give a better perspective to the facts by taking a trip back to the 1960 presidential election.

Back in 1960, the presidential race in Hawaii was very close — within a fraction of a percent — and Hawaii was the last state to be counted. At first, it seemed like Republican candidate Richard Nixon was going to win the state — being 141 votes ahead of Democratic candidate John F. Kennedy. Despite having a court-ordered recount that was still ongoing, the Republican governor of Hawaii signed a certificate that gave Richard Nixon the state’s three electoral votes. The Democrat electors in the state signed a different certificate giving the win to John F. Kennedy, even though it was not initially signed by the governor. After the recount showed that Kennedy truly won, Hawaii’s governor was forced to sign the Democrats’ certificate. Both certificates were sent to Washington D.C. in January of 1961. When Vice President Nixon presided over the joint session of the House and Senate, no legislators made any objections to the Democrats’ certificate. Nixon then ordered that the Republican certificate not be counted and to count the Democrat certificate — solidifying his own loss in the state.

There are a lot of news articles out there that say there is no chance for Trump to win the 2020 election, which are technically wrong. That said, getting a 1960-like situation on January 6th with five swing states would be incredibly difficult — and the odds are stacked up against the Trump campaign. Having partisan Democrat governors in most of the contested states, it would be incredibly difficult to get them to sign any document that would benefit President Trump. It will most-likely depend on how courts will rule in with Trump’s legal team’s and Sidney Powell’s cases. At this point, an electoral win for the Trump campaign would be hard to achieve. But, contrary to many media outlets’ claims, it would not be impossible.

If you are looking for a good video to provide better context on the situation, visit the link below:

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